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We enjoyed working with Zach.  He was always professional and worked quickly.  He came up with two layouts for our basement laundry room/bathroom and it was hard to choose the one we liked best. Our contractor had no issues in getting the permit which saves time and money.

Deborah L.

For 6 months I tried to get my concrete plans for my HOA approved. I hired Zachary to draw up some 3d plans to please the HOA and I am happy to say that my plans are finally approved. He was on time. He listened to what I needed. Offered his opinion and drew exactly what I needed. It was a fast and successful process and I would gladly hire him again.

Jenika H.

It was a pleasure working with Zach! I was looking to upgrade my fireplace, mantle. I had a vision for the space to include raw wood, tile and floating shelves. I met with Zach and described my desire for the space. He presented me with multiple sketches within a few days to a week. I chose what I liked from a few sketches and Zach was able to design a great focus wall for my space. I would highly recommend Zach. He was very professional, caring. His creativity and knowledge were plentiful.

Tegan J.

Outstanding !! We really needed to have the Occupancy of our building changed, along with full set of plans. Zach understood what the building department needed and helped us figure out what needed to happen to submit our plans. He is very easy to work with and affordable. We were working with a real person not a robot. We really needed some one to help us get this project moving forward. He was extremely prompt with all changes needed to make our project move forward. Further, I have need been thinking of a ADU at my home. Zach is defiantly our Architect for any job that needs plans, and advice on what is needed to complete them and SUBMIT !! We need more real hands on, get the job done, at a fair price, people like Zach.

Fra K.

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